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Day 7 Niche Site Project – NSP2 Conference calls and Neil Patel

I took Friday through Sunday off and was able to pick back up on Monday by listening to 3 audios during 4 hours of driving.  I wasn’t able to take good notes, but I’ll cover some highlights.

This time I listed to the Niche Site Project 2 (NSP2) before NSP1.  In NSP2, Spencer is going through the process with a student.

Both conference call webcasts were worth listening to and taking notes.  It really opened my eyes to how beginners to this process (like me) can make wrong assumptions on picking keywords without experience.  The key lesson was that ecommerce sites’ competitive may look low due to their low link juice or inbound links but Google ranks sites that sell something (ecommerce) with more weight than info sites. It will be hard for an info site to beat the ecommerce site.

Another concept that was revealed was that I could rank high for a number of secondary keywords if the primary keyword is too competitive. This is especially true if one finds a good niche but the topic itself doesn’t make a lot of sense to be its own home page. In the example mentioned, cheap hybrid bikes was that niche that could be a secondary keyword under cheap bikes.

In Podcast 44: Content Marketing and Traffic Tips from Neil Patel, I also didn’t get to take notes but I remember a few gems:

  •  Blog consistently. Pick a schedule and stick with it (e.g. once a week)
  • Go for long posts with LOTS of detail.
  • PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT. Find a list of 100 websites owners that write on similar topics that are not competitors.  Then email them and ask them to Tweet about it (don’t ask them to link to it).
  • Make some infographic content.


Don’t start keyword picking until you’ve watched How to Perform Keyword Research: NSP 2, Coaching Call 2 and How to Analyze the Google Competition for 5 Example Keywords: Coaching Call 3 at a minimum.

I think it would be a good strategy to watch the two above,  take the niche site pro lessons, then watch the sister lesson from NSP1 NSP Update 1: Finding the Right Keyword to Target and Good and Bad Examples of Low Competition Keywords: Niche Site Project 2 Update!

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