Day 2 Niche Site Project – Spencer Haws interview by Guthrie

Today was just a quick 30 minutes listening to an Spencer Haws interview by Chris Guthrie. This interview was offered as a bonus in Guthrie’s Kindle book, “5 Proven Methods For Making $1,000+ Per Month With Websites (Proven Methods for making $1,000+ Per Month Online)

Buy it on here:

The interview was great for beginners or as a primer for how the process works (high level) from end to end.  For me, it was not that beneficial since I already  had an understanding from yesterday’s studies (see post) reading Spencer’s blog on the summary of the results of his project/public experiment.

My Recommendation

Skip this interview unless you are a beginner and want to deepen your understanding of the niche website process through repetition.

ROI Tracking

Today’s time investment: 0.5 Hours of Study

Earned $ Expenses Planning Site Work Study
$0 $97 12 0 5

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