Day 1 (Part 2 of 2) Niche Site Project – Niche Site Project Webinar Re-play

Niche Site Project Current Steps

My Response to Today’s Teachings

The blog, Public Niche Site Project: The Strategic Plan, was just a light intro into the webinar. It outlined some parameters, goals, and “rules”.  It was good to read this first so I had an understanding of what the project was and was not.

In the Webinar Re-play, I recommend saving some time and skipping to minute 17.  He started the webinar early to chat with the attendees. He also did some nice, but lengthy background story and setup.  The moral of the story was that not ever attempt will be a success, but you can improve your chances from learning from others and your own failures.

I took a lot of good notes.  It was a great example of looking over the shoulder of an expert. Not knowing Long Tailed Pro software yet, I had to slow it down and figure a few things out.  He repeated the process a few times though so it really sunk in after the 3rd example.  I think the software manual and training will sink in better now that I understand it’s practical use.

Recommendation for the Webinar

The overview was simple enough to understand, but I would recommend a beginner to watch it a second time after going through the Long Tail Pro how-to videos and trying it his or herself. There will be some techniques picked up the second time around that can go over one’s head if they don’t start with a base understanding.


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